Princess of Wands

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Princess of Wands

Post by Emma » Wed May 25, 2011 4:09 pm

Princess of Wands

This card is filled with energy, passion and self confidence as she rides upwards no longer held back by fears and lower energies she ascends to express more of her potential - There is a great deal of freedom and release expressed in this card. The alter is burning the old and the tiger of fears, the id, base instincts that could threaten her higher expression are not falling away from her. She has a wand and shows us that with her self confidence she can now be free to create the life she wants, whatever that is. She is a passionate and sexual individual - comfortable with her attractiveness and not hiding it out of mis-guided modesty, she is her full sensual self. Her sensuality being accepted as an integral part of who she is.

As a princess she is also about the ending of something and the new opportunity that is presented before her - a chance to really change. It is the beginning though, and a recent release, so any opportunities she accepts that would trap her spirit, would be short lived.

Her headdress can be considered Ostrich plumes and represent justice and honour. She is released from bondage, internal or external, that was handed to her and at one time she accepted - but no longer - she has seen the truth of her own self value and is free. She fights for justice as she needs, fearlessly and openly.

Aries on the alter stand can be seen to emphasise the new beginning - the start of a new year - spring, and that burning on the top the transformation of the old to new energy.

She is passionate and uncommitted, a free spirit. Very alluring to others, she will be beholden to no-one now she has found her confidence and inner fire - she is bound to play and enjoy her true self, before submitting to willing commitments of the heart.

Can you see this part of yourself? Do you know where your inner princess of wands is? Do you allow her out or is she kept in check often. If you allowed yourself more full expression of this side of yourself where might that lead you? Your hopes? your fears?

Somethings to consider as you look at this card and come to know it personally for yourself.

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