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Welcome to the Tarot Training forums

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This is a platform for the delivery of one-to-one training in tarot and intuition development.
The main courses available are:

Absolute Beginners Thoth - 4 weeks
Initial Thoth Course - 16 weeks
Advanced Thoth Training - 16 weeks

Rider Waite Smith style decks
Enhancing your tarot skills - 8 weeks
Developing your intuition with Sacred Circle deck or other RWS style decks - 16 weeks

Personal and intuition development
Transactional Analysis for Tarot readers - 18 weeks
Intuition and personal development - tarot, oracle and shamanic practices
History and symbolism in the tarot - 12 - 18 weeks
Chakras and the Tarot - 7 weeks

Bespoke courses can be designed according to your needs

For full details and for contact and enquiries go to the website here http://tarot-training.co.uk
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