How this works...

This is a place where any students that wish to find a person to read on for practice will post their request.
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How this works...

Post by tarottrai1 » Wed Jan 19, 2011 5:39 pm

Hi everyone

This is a place where any students that wish to find a person to read for, for practice, will post their request. The type of reading will be as the student states in their request for readees. Sometimes it will be for a specific exercise within one of the courses so the style of reading may be set.

You can post your interest too and someone may contact you when they need to work with someone - bear in mind it may be a bit of a wait. It is possibly better to wait until someone asks here.

In return for your free reading (which will likely be written and sent by email or message) you will be expected to write feedback within a couple of days about how you found the reading and each cards interpretation. This is a requirement as for the student to develop then constructive feedback is needed. You also will need to be happy for the reading to be shared in the training group the reader is working in for their learning purposes.

Sometimes a specific technique will be being practised within the training. This will be told to you if this is the case so you can understand what type of reading to expect.

Bear in mind most readings will be coming from a psychological and empowering perspective and whilst some indication of the future can be given at times - there will be more focus on guidance and how to deal with situations around you.

Thank you...

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