Knight of Disks - Journey

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Knight of Disks - Journey

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Knight of Disks

I walk into the card...

"Are you going to come with me on this journey ahead? "

Surprised at being greeted straight away I say "yes". He is looking up at the hill ahead.

"Its hard work, you know there will be obstacles in our way and things to overcome - I have all the equipment we need though. He shows me his shield and nunchakus with these we will beat the overgrowth out of the way - things that have grown out of all proportion in the self that threaten to halt our progress forward. With this shield we will combat other peoples fears and expectations of us that somehow try and hold us back also. This way we can allow our trusty horse here to carry us forward. "

"But he doesn't look ready to go" I say

"Well have a little word with him - I have a feeling he will be ready soon enough." He says.


"Hello" I say and stroke the horse on the nose.

"Neigh" says the horse - I think its a greeting.

He seems to talk telepathically to me.

"I am looking back at how far we have come and I see all the reasons we took so long to get here, I think there must be some nice grass to eat here too somewhere in amongst all this 'ever so symbolic corn'."

"hmm I am sure there is" I say wondering about this creature.

"What do you mean in this card?" I ask directly

"Well I am really procrastinating, looking back over what I could have done should have done and ifs and maybes - I get distracted easily too and am all too comfortable with just sitting here. I would like something to eat though. I know I have to get going in the other direction soon - I just don't want to look at it just yet... I want to rest a bit longer and put it off. "

"OK so what do you think of the knight you carry?" I probe further.

"He is ok - well he is my best friend really, I know I need a nudge to go forward, but once I am helped a little I am on track and am happy to carry him forward - I trust him completely and know he won't lead me anywhere that's bad for me. He treats me fairly. "

"That's good." I turn to the knight as I notice his cloak.

"What's your cloak for? I know you have armour for protection on your journey, but the cloak looks out of place."

"Well that's really for show and it tells that I am a knight and that I have super powers" he says grinning "no really!"

I am finding the knight a lot more humorous than I expected I have to say, but I go with it.

"Ok so what are your super powers then? I say

"Well I can get the most procrastinating person to be motivated - not through force but through allowing them the time they need to assimilate the task ahead and what has gone before then I set a boundary and get things moving - little step by step approach so nothing feels too overwhelming. This is my talent, my superpower if you like. The cloak is actually a symbol of my regality and authority. And that despite being protected, I can be flexible and free too. Just don't like to rush into things. I consider all things before making the move I need to. "

"So what of the corn there. Are we resting on our laurels? - that which we have achieved so far." I ask

"Yes in a way, though its not corn, but reeds in boggy land and there is a sense that we are resting because the going has got tough, like walking through a bog - but even in journeys that are arduous, there are rewards along the way as the reeds are in their fruit stage of development. Gather your rewards as you go along and do not worry about looking back to see how far you have come - you can rest part way along the journey to catch your breathe and then you can continue on and make progress little by little - Our goal is up there on the summit - a long way to go yet, but it will be rewarding and once there we will feel the pleasure of the journey to its fullest, on the way we need to appreciate the good things around us and enjoy the scenery and feeling of achievement each day - each day a step closer to our goal. "

"Thank you " I received a good feeling sense of this message and how it applies to me in my life currently.

"What of your headdress?"

"Well it is also about my connection to spirit - though I am a down to earth type chap, I do also have a strong link to the whole and know where to be when to experience flow in my life - it represents this achievement in my life. Also right now for you - the sense of Christmas - I know you think I have a reindeer on my hat! Well that's it, we are coming to Christmas and things are slowing up as midwinter approaches this is the surrounding energy for you right now and you want to fight it, but you have to allow yourself to accept it and move within it... remember step by step and you will achieve your goals. Don't give up, don't allow yourself to be overwhelmed - see your success around you. Your self esteem is not dependant on arriving but on how you feel about your journey... Love it, allow the sun of your self to shine even when there is a mountain in the way of its full rays. "

"Thank you - you are very wise - I can relate to all you say very personally as well as a meaning for this card. "

"Is there anything else for now...?" I wonder whether we are actually going to go on a journey as he mentioned in the beginning.

"No we are done.. patience - all is coming as you wish. Allow it to take the time it takes, don't fight the mountain. "

"Thank you" I say and realise here this card is not about the action of the journey itself but more about the mental attitude to progress when things seem slow or overwhelming, and in some senses the mastery of patience and the danger of allowing this to turn into procrastination, yet there are many sides which all do cooperate with each other to make this a very down to earth, solid and determined card, where the flow and natural order are very important to consider.

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