Elephant on the Heirophant

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Elephant on the Heirophant

Postby Emma » Mon Nov 01, 2010 3:50 pm

Elephant on the Heirophant

This month I thought I would explore the elephant imagery on the Heirophant card. Elephants are animals that carry great weight and burdens and are often connected with Taurus which rules this card.

The part of the card I am drawn to today is the elephant. Elephants are a powerful totem. In the wild they are both constructive and destructive. Sometimes devastating areas of foliage and in their stampedes when frightened.
So we can tear down what is not needed in our lives once we know what that is. Structures that restrict and bar our way can be removed through understanding and knowledge - deconstructing our worlds if you like.

However also they are very loving creature and care for their young in community - protecting the young by forming a circle around any young one in danger. They are community creatures and very able to protect themselves.

So there is an aspect of nurturing our growth, our development and also the feeling of learning in groups can be very beneficial and keep us safe while we are still developing our skills. As with the courses I run - the feeling of safety and all of us being in it together can really enhance the learning that can be gained. Particularly when we are taking risks outside our comfort zone and being open to trusting our intuition more and more.

I have stood in a national park in Kenya and heard a mail elephant roar very close to me and could feel the deep vibration through all my body, the base tones of the sound were very unexpected to me somehow, and gave me the feeling of a deep primal and very grounded power. I feel there is a lot of grounding energy with elephants. Our desires and passions can be made reality. We can speak to the world from the depths of our being. Sharing our knowing.

There is also agility and dexterity - the trunk of an elephant being very able to grasp what it wants and bring it to itself. Elephants also break down the obstacles and barriers in front of them, letting nothing get in the way if that is the way that must be taken. They have power and strength. We can call to us what we want and we can learn to be dextrous in our handling of emotional things as well as physical things.

Elephants are also associated with good memories and being able to recall facts and events from a long time ago - This can be seen in this card both in terms of the teaching and learning aspect of the card but also in the karmic, past life link. The card remembers what happened such a long time ago in our development - enough to work on it now and transform it.

Whilst the image on the card is of an elephant rather than the usual form of the elephant god Ganesha, the connection between the two can been seen non the less. Ganesha is the god of removal of obstacles, both spiritual and physical and is often turned to for the beginning of a project or business venture to enable the way forward to be smooth and clear. Ganesha is also the god of intelligence, wisdom and intellect. He is about the love of knowledge and so here is very appropriate with the Heirophant who is both the teacher and student. Someone who knows what is beneath physical reality and so can work with obstacles at their root cause so clearing the way forward. This also relates well to past life clearing and related connections when the Heirophant comes up in this context in a reading.

As a remover of obstacles Ganesha is also seen as the god of success and of traders, allowing prosperity to come to those who ask his intervention, so there is a connection with wealth with this card too, but wealth through successful business rather than through luck or inheritance.

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