Psychic Line looking for tarot readers

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Psychic Line looking for tarot readers

Post by Emma » Wed Mar 09, 2011 6:36 pm

Hi everyone

I was approached by Gabriel Gargyai of - They are looking for new readers and asked me to pass details onto my students, I spoke with him a little while and he seemed very helpful and open. Looking at their site there is a nice energy with it I don't usually see with phone lines. They also offer email readings to their clients.

You as a reader set your price from US$99 - US$9.99/min 50% goes to the organisation and the rest to you, paid fortnightly.
However reading the small print you need to be working at least 14 hours a week and also you will usually get paid only when your earnings are over $100

Saying that I have queried this with Gabriel and he assures me the 14 hours is not held to, but they like a good presence on the chat area, and also that if you were to leave they would release any outstanding money even if below $100

So if anyone is interested in working on this line you need to contact Gabrielle on

or through the website contact
The website it

I would also suggest you need to have good boundaries to make this work for you, knowing when you are giving tarot, intuitive or psychic help and when you are building rapport with a client in the free section.

I have also copied the document of details below:

How is Oranum better than the competition?
Oranum was created to bring together those who are in need of help with those who possess strong abilities to provide this help and guidance.
We are the first worldwide Esoteric Webcam Community with free chat. Before a private consultation we offer unlimited free chat to our members, because we do not wish to blindly charge people who are seeking for help. Visitors will be able to talk to you in free chat area to share their problem, and only after you let them know that you are able to help, and you are prepared, the private paid consultation begins. That is why we are looking for two qualities in Oranum psychics: strong spiritual abilities, and warm desire to help those in need.
What is our slogan?
“Confused? We have clarity!”
What is our mission?
Our mission is to help people.
What is there to know about Oranum as a company?
Lalib (Oranum’s parent company) is an international group of companies operating in online business for more than a decade. We have 3 offices with a crew of over 500 professionals: in Los Angeles (USA), headquarters in Funchal (Portugal) and support and marketing departments in Budapest (Hungary).
How will people know about Oranum?
We will launch a big marketing campaign, advertising you and your services on major news portals, esoteric portals, lifestyle blogs, and many others. We do not support and will never carry out any aggressive advertising campaign, but we aim at a high-end niche with premium yet affordable services.
When should I start working?
We will launch the English website on March 7th, 2011. Please read through the information below to make an informed decision about joining our exclusive community.
Who sets my schedule?
An Oranum Psychic may choose his/her own schedule. The schedule can be uploaded in the psychic centre, we ask that you do this at least 1 week in advance. Visitors will be able to see your schedule so please do not let down loyal visitors, who are waiting specifically for you to come online.
We require you to be online in the hours specified in your schedule, but you are more than welcome to log in more than that, as there will be visitors 24/7 searching for answers.
How much am I required to be online?
We expect our experts to be dedicated and to work at least 14 hours per week in the free chat area. Your schedule must include one or more full hours, starting at the turn of the hour (e.g. 5 pm, 6 pm, etc.) Of course, if you can allocate more time, you are more than welcome to exceed the stipulated time slots. According to our experience, our psychics reach best results when they are online a few hours each day.
What is the Free chat area?
Free chat area is where our visitors can first get into personal contact with you. When you log in to the psychic center and hit the go online button visitors will be able to access your online profile page at You will be able to discuss the questions they have, and after they register as members and purchase credits, they will be able to hire you for a private consultation.
You can also choose to stay in “member area”, meaning you would not have to participate in free chat while online. You’re earnings will only be 40% when you are in member area.
What is a profile page?
The profile page is you own subpage within Oranum. Visitors can see your schedule, your personal information, your articles, videos, pictures, testimonials, etc. - everything that you submitted in the psychic center. Members will be able to hire you for a private consultation from your profile page and they can also request an email reading.
What is one credit?
Depending on where the member is located one credit may equal one USD or one Euro. Psychics are always paid in USD.
How much can I earn?
You can set your own per minute price, choosing anywhere between 0,99 credits and 9,99 credits per minute. When you are hired for a private consultation from free chat area, you receive 50% of the set per minute price.
Members are charged per second, and therefore you are paid as well by the second. So if you set a per minute price of 0,99 credits, and you are in a free chat area, and the consultation lasts 26 minutes and 10 seconds, and the member is from the USA, the member will pay 25,90 USD, and you will earn 12,95 USD.
How do I know how much I have earned?
Oranum processes the payments and calculates your earnings after each private consultation you hold. You can check your statistics right away in the Psychic Centre.
What kind of payout methods can I choose from?
We offer several payout methods that you may choose from:
Payoneer – Virtual bank account with a plastic MasterCard debit card. We strongly advise you choose this option as it is the easiest and fastest and most reliable solution to receive your earnings. Minimum payout is 100 USD.
Bank Wire Transfer – Money transfer straight to your bank account. Due to the costly transfer fees, this option is only recommended for Psychics with high income. Minimum payout is 300 USD.
Check – recommended for US based Psychics. Minimum payout is 100 USD.

When will I receive my money?
If you reach the minimum payout amount in the first period of the month (1st-15th) you receive your payout on the 10th of the following month.
If you reach the minimum payout amount in the second period of the month (16th-end of the month) you receive your payout on the 25th of the following month.
We always start to transfer payouts a couple of days prior to the payout date. However, please do not forget that the official payout date is the 10th and the 25th.
What kind of computer and equipment do I need to work at Oranum?
You will need to have microphone and speakers or a headset.

The minimum computer requirements are the following:
CPU: Pentium III. 1.8 GHz
INTERNET: 1024 kbit/sec upload speed
CAMERA: Webcam or handy cam
Wireless: Please note that wireless connections can be unstable for video broadcasting, therefore we do not advise it.
Please try connecting with a hardwired connection.
Mozzila: Required Mozzila version can be downloaded from: ... .16&os=win After installing Firefox 3.5.16, please disable Auto Updates.
Imac: If You are a Mac user You will be able to use our software as well, after you register we will activate the mac compatible software.

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Re: Psychic Line looking for tarot readers

Post by Joy » Thu Mar 10, 2011 2:20 pm

Looks interesting Emma - thank you xx


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